Chaitanya Engineering College Central Library is a Central facility to support the teaching, research and student community of the college. The library has been successfully catering to the needs of all the departments like Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Basic Science and Humanities and Management. The Central library is having a digital library with twelve computers connected to Internet and students can browse online journals. The library is further strengthened by subscribing to e-journals from IEEE and ASME. Around 240 journals are accessible online. The library is having a membership to DELNET (NEW DELHI) through which Inter library loan facility is provided.

Total no of Titles as per Accession Register

ECE 2696 373
ECE 2696 373
CSE 3478 455
EEE 3302 382
CIVIL 1464 278
HBS 3951 444
MBA 2148 444
GENERAL 116 033
CD'S 895 260


All the students, teachers and members of the Governing body of the college are members of the Library. Other employees of the college, who obtain special permission of the Principal, are eligible to become members. The Principal, at his discretion, may permit any person to make use of the facilities of the library for short periods. The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to the members only. Members shall be allowed to borrow books and periodicals (back numbers) as follow:

Category No.of Books Loan Period
G.B.Members 10 6 months
Teachers 4 One Semester
Teachers 2 14 Days
PG Students 2 14 Days
UG Students 2 14 Days
Others 2 14 Days

Borrower tickets shall be issued to the eligible persons by the librarian. These tickets are not transferable and shall be cancelled if misused. All the members are required to furnish two passport size photographs when they apply for the tickets. Loss of any ticket(s) should be reported immediately to the Librarian who may arrange for the issue of duplicate tickets after obtaining a written undertaking from the borrower to the effect that he will be responsible for the books that are found to have been issued on the lost tickets. The cost of each duplicate ticket shall be Rs.10/- Original Ticket(s) if found after the issue of duplicate ticket(s) should not be used. They should be returned to the Librarian. No-dues certificates shall not be issued to members other than the members of the governing body until they return all the books they borrowed and the library tickets.


The Books in the central library are classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system. General books, Humanities, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Management have been arranged in the ground floor. Digital library consisting of twelve computers with internet facility was provided in the ground floor. Photocopying facility was provided near the entrance of the library.


Photo copy facility is available on payment basis for all the members during the library hours.


The Central library has a provision for Inter-Library loan provided by the DELNET (NEW DELHI). All the members can avail this facility.


Central Library is opened on all the working days between 8:45a.m to 4:45p.m.


Every member of the library will be provided with a borrower’s book which contains the name, status etc. of the member. Before a book or periodical is borrowed, the borrower has to fill in the necessary particulars in the borrower’s book and hand over the same along with the book and the borrower’s ticket to the issue assistant at the counter. The borrower can keep the book with him/her till the date marked on the date slip of the book. At the end of the period or earlier the book shall be returned to the library. Borrowers failing to return the books within the prescribed period shall pay a fine of Re.1/- (Rupee one only) per book per day. While collecting fines, intervening holidays will not be taken into account. Procedure for borrowing periodicals (back numbers) is the same as that for borrowing books. Borrower’s tickets are to be used for borrowing books related to subjects of study or research of the member. Loss of any book borrowed from the library should be reported to the librarian in writing. Such loss invites maximum fine as fixed by the librarian along with replacement costs. Exemption from maximum fine recommended by the librarian may be allowed by the principal. Students are not permitted to borrow books by proxy.